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Doctor Who crossover fanfiction

These are stories that cross over with other characters from films/TV programmes and the clone Doctor/John Smith type characters

Mad to love Rose Tyler

Based on 'Mad to be normal' starring David Tennant. In 1966, Rose Tyler goes to work for Scottish psychiatrist Jonathan Smith as his new personal assistant when he decides to give her a chance. The two of them soon fall in love despite Rose being much younger but have to combat jealousy from a former employee when they make their relationship public and Rose's jealous ex-boyfriend. Set initially in the 60s and 70s. Rose obviously has never met The Doctor.

Based on 'Mad to be normal' starring David Tennant. In 1966, Rose Tyler has met and got engaged to a famous psychiatrist JD Smith and their story continues as they get married and start a family and their ups and downs. Set initially in the 60s and 70s. Rose obviously has never met The Doctor. This is not a Doctor Who story.

New Year Memories

Rose Tyler and the duplicate Doctor survive their first Christmas together after settling in their own apartment by the river. They are about to set off for Jackie and Pete's New Year's Eve party when they both have startling revelations about New Year 2005 back in Rose's old universe.

Rose meets Dr John Smith at a dinner party held by her stepfather and no-one can believe he is not the Doctor. He's funny, he's brilliant and asks Rose to go travelling with him. Rose thought she had learned her lesson but decides to go with him as his assistant until they end up on a beach in Norway and Rose can't stand it any more when he never says he loves her.

Rose Tyler is a temp assistant who gets a job at Lazarus Laboratories and is immediately put in charge of organising the professor's latest invention's d├ębut. She invites her friend, Martha Jones who brings Dr John Smith with her and he is the one to save them when things go wrong and they get chased by a monster. When Rose gets dismissed she ends up working for John but Martha gets jealous when he tells her he's not interested but when Rose saves him from a blood-sucking female patient, he asks her out. Things don't quite as he'd planned though.

It was 1913, John Smith was a history professor at a boy's military school, a job the Tardis had integrated him into when the family of blood were after him to consume his Timelord essence. Martha had been found a job as a maid, knowing full well what had happened to him, being present when he'd changed. When she started on her first day, she was dismayed to find she wasn't to be his personal maid, Rose Tyler had beaten her to it.

Inspired by a sub-plot my story 'Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch' which included flashbacks into Rose's past, this is a separate story that follows Rose Tyler, who was separated from the Doctor after 'Doomsday' and how she fell in love with a college professor, Dr Jonathan Smith. This story can be read separately from the original.

AU - Rose Tyler got the same bus every morning to work, John Smith was on the same bus as she walked past or sat behind him. This went on for months until one morning when she sat next to him with a wet umbrella. What happens when he realises her manager is his cousin Donna and his old girlfriend is back in town plus 2 female co-workers are out to get him. Loads of O/C's involved

Rose Tyler (who never met the Doctor) gets talked into bringing her two young cousins to the local ice skating rink for their birthdays with their friends, helped by her friend Donna but her brother has just returned from Uni and is tagging along. Rose is unaware Donna is up to her usual tricks of playing matchmaker and meets him when he accidentally trips her up before the outing then meets him again.

Based on 'Single Father', Rose Tyler's best friend Rita dies in an accident. She knows Rita's partner Dave Tiler and finds herself falling in love with him when she goes to find out where he is on the day of the funeral. Her boyfriend Mickey suspects nothing even when she spends more time with the family but it ends in a bitter row when Rose discovers she is pregnant by Dave. Things get interesting when Dave acquires a nanny for the children and she thinks he is a man from the stars that her great grandmother knew when she first sees him.